NRGi Renewables

NRGi’s mission as an energy company is to be an active part of the national and international transition to a more sustainable energy system.

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The business unit NRGi Renewables manages its own portfolio of renewable assets and invests in new projects on an ongoing basis.
The existing portfolio consists of sixteen operational wind turbines located in Denmark with a total capacity of 52.3 MW and two Solar power plants with a capacity of 53.3 MWp. 

The investment strategy focuses on the northern part of Europe and on projects with mature technologies in the onshore and nearshore wind and solar market. The investments include projects under construction and projects in operation with a stable cash flow profile and a low to medium risk profile.

NRGi Renewables is always interested in entering into a dialogue about partnerships and investments in renewable projects.

The strategic target is to increase the total capacity to 150 MW and to invest approximately 2.0 billion kroner in renewable projects before 2020.


Jakob Bundgaard
CEO, NRGi Renewables

Phone: +45 7222 6483
Mobile: +45 2210 0853 Mail:

Martin Eghøj Laursen
Department Manager, NRGi Renewables

Phone: +45 7222 6493
Mobile: +45 2210 0877

NRGi Vedvarende Energi


Investment Renewable energy source Location TOC Capacity Annual production
NRGi WIND I A/S 2 x V80-2.0 windmills Krusbjerg, Herning Municipality (DK) 2013 4.0 MW 8.4 GWh/year
  1 x V90-3.0 windmill Assing, Herning Municipality (DK) 2013 3.0 MW 6.0 GWh/year
  1 x V117-3.3 windmill Kikkenborg, Lemvig Municipality (DK) 2013 3.3 MW 11.1 GWh/year
NRGi WIND II K/S 4 x V117-3.45 windmills Rødby Fjord, Lolland Municipality (DK) 2016 13.8 MW 47.8 GWh/year
NRGi WIND III A/S 4 x V117-3.45 windmills Høgsted, Hjørring Municipality (DK) 2017 13.8 MW 44.0 GWh/year
NRGi WIND IV A/S 4 x V126-3.60 windmills Hejmdal, Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality (DK) 2017-18 14.4 MW 44.1 GWh/year
Better NRGi I K/S Solar power Horslunde, Lolland Municipality (DK) 2017 8.5 MWp 8.8 GWh/year
Solpark Nees 1-9 IVS Solar power Nees, Lemvig Municipality (DK) 2017 44.8 MWp 44.3 GWh/year